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Amabie アマビエ

Amabie (アマビエ) is a magical being that appears to bring good harvest or warn humanity of a pandemic. It is said she appeared for the first during the Edo Period, and asked for her picture to be shown to the sick so they’ll heal.

I found a picture of Amabie on @lifeasaconsumer of Arthur Huang and it was @nickweststudio who explained its meaning to me.

I was moved by this story (some people might called it legend) but I want to believe she is a princess, daughter of Gods, who came to protect and help us.

And maybe if we all call her, she once more will come to us with healing and good fortune.

#あまびえ #あまびえさま #amabiechallenge #legends #stories #edoperiod #historias #historiasdeamor #amabie

Yoneko Shiraishi is a writer, who loves sharing posts about life, and love. She also works as a consultant

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