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Life isn't as easy we once dreamed as children while looking up in the skies in the calm summer afternoons. In the middle of my fantasies, I remember wondering what was out there waiting for me in the grown up world. And decades later, the questions would answer themselves.

I know I have been absent, and for that I truly apologize. But I also would like to say thank you for continuing reading, commenting, and following my posts. You have no idea how much that means to me, and how much your kindness encourage me to continue this journey.

I am working very hard on new projects, and little by little the universe, Allah or God (or maybe all of them together) are showing me where I have to go. Little by little, I am becoming me, and I am building the next version of myself.

Thank you very much for waiting for me.

Yoneko Shiraishi is a writer, who loves sharing posts about life, and love. She also works as a consultant

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