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I know I look a “little bit” eccentric, my ruffled curly hair and crazy-popping eyes framed by a pair of gigantic glasses make me look as if reason might have abandoned me, and to be honest, between you and I, sometimes, I think it has. But you’ll never know it because I have learnt to fake “normal,” although I do not always achieve it.
The calendar tells me every morning that I’m “officially” an old woman. However, my heart disagrees. Because I wake up every morning with thousands of dreams and hopes waiting for me to draw plans of conquering and “world domination.” They wake me up, call my name and smile at me when I finally decide to open my eyes, they guide me to the kitchen, where a hot pot of coffee is already waiting. But if I “oversleep,” God almighty, they jump on me, sit on my chest, and pull the sheets off the bed, and don’t stop until I get up.
And here we are, all of us, writing to you to tell you that life has to be lived drinking tequila and dancing to the Macarena, preferably. Have a good day!

Yoneko Shiraishi is a writer, who loves sharing posts about life, and love. She also works as a consultant

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