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Multicultural a Multilingual in a monoculture

Working with people from different nationalities, although, exciting and thrilling it is not always a piece of cake.

Moving without realizing it, between different cultures and languages in the same building can be a daily adventure. You never know what’s going to happen. You never know when the Latinos are going to snap at you, with their rather hot blood temper.Nobody knows. Even latino people themselves don’t know when they might snap. Believe me, I should know, since I’m Latino, and the one who always snaps..Ooops, you didn’t read that here.

But seriously, working in a multicultural environment is interesting, it can be a wonderful learning opportunity because you can always learn interesting and thrilling thigns about other countries and cultures

And why not? Even learn a new language

Knowledge of different languages also gives you a rather deep insight into the culture you want to know better. And in my humble opinion, there is no way around it, you want to connect with the locals, at least, you should try to speak in their mother tongue.

It doesnt matter if you speak the local language, as a barbarian, just like I do. The effort is what counts :)

And this multicultural maze you learn to adapt, to change your cultural skin as it were a jacket and to communicate in various ways to suit your audience

But what happens, when you are a multilingual and multicultural person living a homogeneous society, where even the concept of multilinguism is barely understood. These societies still exist in this globalized world, there arestill discovering the world beyond their borders as if they were discovering hidden moons in their backyards.

In this case, as in everything in life, you have options, you can either hide in your cocoon-and leave ultimately- Or stay and teach what you know. And share what you have. And nurture the people around you to let them know that the unknown world they might fear is not so scary after all.

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