Today, I didn’t feel like writing, my right arm hurt and I didn’t want to force my tired muscles to go on. I didn’t want to write but instead, and consciously, decided to get lost in my thoughts.

What a dangerous game.

We all have moments we want to forget, we all have moments that are stored away in a separate part of our memory, a far far away place within our consciousness that sleeps like a dormant dragon.

We all have secrets.

Our darkest, deepest, and most shameful secrets are all packed in a pandora box, whose existence we don’t dare acknowledge fearing that even our breath might unlock it revealing to the world who we really are.

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Illustration by Yoneblogger

Lost in my thoughts, I distractedly started caressing my pandora box, I tried to pull away but it kept calling me, the thoughts started swirling, and I felt lost.

“How do I escape?,” I asked myself.

Suddenly, a touch yanked me back to my senses. And the reason to stay in the realm of reality is standing right in front of me. Charming blue eyes, rosy cheeks and an angelical smile that silence the echoes of my pandora box . At least for now.

Yoneko Shiraishi is a writer, who loves sharing posts about life, and love. She also works as a consultant

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