#Shakira & #JLO: Empowerment For All

A woman dressed in red appears on the screen and sensually starts dancing to the music, and with every serpent-like movements of her hips, she divides the spectators. While some gasp in furious indignation, others clap in delightful joy as this is a groundbreaking moment for the Latino American community that has been suffering discrimination, persecution and unjust imprisonment of their children. And as a member of the Latino American community, I would like to explain why this is so important, and I think it is better to keep things simple, so I will just number the three main reasons for its relevance.

  1. - Unity in diversity Shakira was born in Colombia, and although, JLO was born in the United States she comes from an immigrant Puerto Rican family. How can they be born in different places and be Latino? And this is possible because being Latino is much more than a geographical coincidence, and much more than ethnicity. Being Latino means sharing and carrying on with the cultural legacy we partake in, whether we speak Spanish, Portuguese or English.
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Photo by Arièle Bonte on Unsplash

2.- Multiculturalism Shakira’s tongue dancing high-pitched gesture set the internet on fire, raising eyebrows among the most conservative Americans, who misinterpreted her gesture as a sexual mime. Nothing further from the truth. Shakira’s gesture can be interpreted as “Zaghrouta” a traditional Arab expression of happiness. And also, it refers to the gesture black slaves used to make fun of the Spaniards. Yes, dear reader, Shakira is Arabic, Colombia, and Latino, all in one person.

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3.- Political protest This is where pole-dancing queen 50 years old JLO shined with an especial light, she made the whole world see a representation of the children who are kept in the detention centers while reminding the world that Puerto Rico is part of the USA making the island present with a simple swift moment of her coat. The power of her statement was heard and witnessed by millions of people.

People have wildly criticized their choice of outfit, but I think how a woman dresses, it’s nobody’s business because women shouldn’t be judged by the length of their clothes, but the greatness of their mind, and in this aspect both, Shakira and JLO, without doubt, transcend stereotypes.

Original link on Buzzfeed 😊😊

Yoneko Shiraishi is a writer, who loves sharing posts about life, and love. She also works as a consultant www.consult-culture.com/blog

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