The cursed moon: The evil angel 1

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In this rainy night of September, when the rest of the world is sleeping, my own world is crumbling down.
I went out with some co-workers tonight and saw my boyfriend with another girl. I saw him kissing and adoring another woman in a way he has never done with me.
I didn’t have the strength or the courage to confront him. I couldn’t. I mean, how could I face the cheating jerk over the sound of my heart shattering into thousands of pieces?
I ran out of there. I ran until I was out of air. Somehow I made it to the building where I live. I walked up the stairs to my flat. Opened the door and without turning the lights, I let the tears flow. I cried over my lost dreams and hopes. I don’t know how long I sat in the dark, I but finally took a grip on myself, and somehow managed to get to the bathroom. And this is where I am now. Staring at my reflection in the mirror, only to confirm my fears. I am a mess. My nose is red, my hair is up in a tangled bun, and my mascara has colored my skin with dreadful black stain. I can’t help but feel sorry for myself. I reach for my make up bag, and I see the sleeping pills the doctor gave me a few months ago.
“Why don’t I finish it all once for all?” I ask no one in the room.
Then pride strikes
“No, not for you or the bimbo you are cheating on me with” I reply to myself. “God, I’d do anything, I mean, anything to be happy,” I say with a final sight.
Suddenly, I notice the silvery silky moon’s reflection in the mirror.
I keep staring at it feeling transfixed. Feeling its magnetism hypnotize me.
Then I realized that there is no possible way the moon can be reflected in the mirror’s bathroom because this bathroom has no windows.
I turn around just to be sure that someone, somehow, hasn’t opened a hole in the room. But all I see it’s the white wall looking back at me. I look back in the mirror, again, and the moon is still there in the mirror defying logic.
The moonlight spreads on the mirror, but now it is invading it all. Its light is so strong I can’t stand it.
The light spreads with the force of a flood. It blinds me, and I feel a strange force pulling me into the light. It swallowed me and spits me into darkness.

I can’t see anything but shadows.

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Yoneko Shiraishi is a writer, who loves sharing posts about life, and love. She also works as a consultant

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