The cursed moon: The evil angel 2

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When my eyes adjust to the gloom, all I can see is a pool, a gigantic emerald, illuminated by what it seems floating lamps.
I walk to it, still, confused and too shocked to make any sense of what just happened.
Did I have a stroke? Or Did I just simply die?
I stare at my reflection, and I am startled to realize I am wearing a tunic. I look up, and I see roman columns surrounding this place.
“There is nothing to fear. This is just a dream,” I say trying to reassure myself despite the trembling of my body.
And then someone calls my name.
“Emilia” hisses a voice.
“Who’s there? I ask, and I see a shadow getting closer.
“Emilia, there is nothing to fear,” the shadow says.
But these words just sent chills down my spine.
“Who are you?” I demand faking bravery.
Coming slowly out of the gloom illuminated by the lights I see a gorgeous man dress in a white tunic that seems to glow, his eyes are as bright as diamonds but have no life in them.
“Emilia, there’s nothing to fear,” he says.
“Who are you? And where am I? What’s this place? I yell at him.
“This place is the answer to your prayers” He answers calmly.
“Anything makes sense, and who are you? And how do you know my name? I say while barely holding myself together.
“I’m your guardian angel,” he says, smiling while showing teeth that resemble fangs. And, although, His face is as beautiful and lighted as the full moon, something in him feels as dark and sinister as death itself.
“Stay,” he simply says.
“Where am I..!!?” I shout this time.
“Where you are doesn’t really matter because you’ll have it all here,” he says.
I look at him, and I realized I’m unable to tear my eyes off him, I feel entrance as if I were out of my body.
“Remember the tears, the pain, the loneliness, if you stay, it all go away,” he says seductively “This place is the answer to your prayers, be a good girl and stay” he hisses into my ear.
I might be making a pact with the devil, but the pain is unbearable. I just want it all to go away. I just want it all to disappear. I want to disappear.
“I’ll stay” I finally say and close my eyes as if the world were to disappear at that very same moment. And when I open them, the creature, whatever or whoever it was, is gone. I’m here alone.
But the sounds of voices and steps bring me back to reality.
I see soldiers coming towards me. They surround me.
“We have found her, sir” one of them barks.
He is not speaking in English but, to my surprise, I do understand the words that are coming out of his mouth.
“I should just have gotten back when I had the chance,” I think to myself when I realize that, at least, ten soldiers are surrounding me.

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Yoneko Shiraishi is a writer, who loves sharing posts about life, and love. She also works as a consultant

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