The dark presence: An invisible spirit

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Yoneko Shiraishi

There was one morning when I felt I couldn’t handle life anymore. I think I was just so overwhelmed by everything. By memories, thoughts, and questions that will never be answered. Because sometimes there are no answers for people’s cruelty.

And somehow, I felt it, an invisible spirit floating towards me as if an angel would have come to answer my prayers. And, I just stayed there feeling its presence surrounding me, embracing me, and making me feel as light as air.

I fell into a state of ecstasy and peace. The world lost its sounds, and the whole nature was muted. But the sun was brighter. And at that very moment, I felt the presence lifting my thoughts, my sorrows, my pains, and my misery out of me like a dirty over-worn shirt. But it stopped halfway.

“If you want” it said “It’ll take it all away, your soul will stop bleeding, you will be happy as if nothing had happened. You’ll stop suffering” it said

I’d be happy again as if nothing had happened. I’d be able to look into people’s eyes and not to feel betrayal. Look into their faces and not to discover the heartbreaking truth. If this pain went away, I’d able to love again.

I felt so light as if I were floating out of my body. No more sorrow, no more agony. No more tears. I would be free. I wanted that with the all the strength of my soul and heart. But there was a warning.

“You have to know that as painful as those experiences were when the pain is gone so will the stories”

I felt tempted.

“You have to answer now” it said hissing into my ear.

I couldn’t bring myself to reply

“I see you doubt, I shall leave then” it finally said and evaporated in the midday light.

The birds started singing again, the sun didn’t shine as much, and the wind started blowing again.

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